Winterbloom by Marissa Dobson


What she needs….

Prepping Winterbloom for the incoming snowstorm is the only thing on Chloe Frost’s agenda when a stranger comes in from the cold.

What he’s looking for…

Tortured by the past, Jordan Sheppard fled everything he knew until his car broke down and sidelined him.

Trapped together…

When this unexpected guest needs a room, these two lonely souls find refuge in each other. Can  Chloe help Jordan discover a path through the pain and anger to find love?

Zip File – PDF, epub, mobi, prc, and lit

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Product Description


Chloe Frost danced around the living room. She enjoyed having the place to herself. She sang in tune with the song playing on the local country radio station while she finished her storm preparations. Everything needed to be in order before the blizzard lashed her sleepy little town. It would be her first time at Winterbloom alone during a storm and she wanted to be prepared.

Slipping out to bring in another arm full of firewood, a strong, unforgiving wind assaulted her. Hurrying she grabbed as much wood as she could carry, the snow drifted deep already. Thank God I am not out in that. Inside, she fought the door shut.

Carved right in the side of a mountain, Clearwater, Wyoming always received a lot of snow but this storm promised to put the most seasoned residents to a test. They expected Ezekiel to stall over the area, and last four to five days, dumping up to ten feet of snow.

Dropping the wood next to the fireplace, someone called out behind her.  She whipped around and fumbling for a log to wield in her defense. Not expecting anyone, the radio was louder than normal. She liked listening while she worked.

“Ahem do you always ignore paying customers?” The deeply masculine and unfamiliar voice set her heart racing.

“I see the hospitality continues. Are you really prepared to beat away a customer?” A man loomed in the doorway to the living room, filling the space.  Annoyance harshened his voice and his rumpled clothes looked as though he slept in them.


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