Seizing Fate by Heather Van Fleet


And you thought Emmy’s life was a hot mess before…

Jack’s gone off with his brother, but for how long? Emmy doesn’t have a clue. In his place, though, is Zachary. The whiny, miserable, alpha wolf–boy who is more than ready to take on the duty of her mate/boyfriend—if she’d let him, that is. But the last thing Emmy wants is to deal with a boy who believes that the world should fall solely at his feet whenever he demands it.

But hey, at least her step–douche is gone, and her life is back to an almost normal sense, right?

Wrong again—Emmy’s life will never be normal.

With her Uncle Prick in town and her best friend acting secretive, Emmy finds new challenges to overcome—challenges that no seventeen–year–old girl should ever have to deal with. For one thing, what is up with her dream–liaison status anyway? What does it mean, really? And why does her little brother have to go through it, too? And then there’s her mom. The lady is acting a tad bit odd, to put it nicely. After all these years, she finally wants to step up and be a parental figure? Heck no! Emmy’s definitely not copacetic with that idea.

But with the bad, there’s got to be some good out there for her somewhere, right?

Add in the wolves, witches, drama, and lots of kisses and you get Emmy the Extraordinaire, the girl with strawberry–colored hair, and a chip on her shoulder. She’s finally on her way to finding out what her life and her future both have in store for her, even if the road to getting there is nowhere near as easy as she hoped it would be. But Emmy is tough, and more than ready to take on life with her bare hands.

It’s just too bad she’s madly, desperately, insanely in love with a boy who insists on making her life both a miserable hell and utter perfection at the same time.

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He sighed. His intense stare finally broke away from mine as he glanced out at the stillness of the pool. “We need to get you inside Em, okay? It’s late…and there might be wild animals out here. Wolves even…”

“Ha,” I laughed. “Wild animals? Really Jack? Now just what in the hell are you, hmm? A household puppy dog?” I scooted closer to him, “Come here doggie, I need someone to keep my feet warm,” I giggled, reaching for his arm to bring myself to his side completely. “Do you need me to scratch you behind your ears, rub your tummy maybe?”

He grinned down at me again, the sideways kind that always made his dimple appear deeper — the kind of smile that made my heart skip a few beats, only to flutter faster when it came back to life. But then something changed, and his growl of humor went low, feral even as he inched closer to me. I stopped laughing, changed it up to looking innocent, with the whole bat my eye lash thing.

“You need sleep, Emmy. You’ve got a long day ahead of you tomorrow,” I leaned forward, pressing my thin shirted chest against his body, reaching down to grab his arm to keep him right there with me. He glared down at my position, and I shrugged. I was flirty, but terrible at it. But apparently Jack wasn’t immune to it like most guys were.

It was either my stupidity, or that internal, deep–seated need inside of me to feel his skin under my own that made me do what I did next. And whatever motivation my brain was using, I knew for certain that my heart wouldn’t stop it. “And you my dear Fido,” I caressed his chin with my fingers. His growl intensified, the fire in his eyes raged hotter in the pool lights above. I grinned, feeling in control, and oh so damn wicked. Hell yeah. I had him right where I wanted him. “…need to move.”

Okay, let me just get this out there. When taunting a guy who turns into a wolf at will, be sure to always have someone around to back you up, especially when you push his beast to a breaking point. “You little wicked…”

“Wicked what, Jack? I’m not a witch you know.”

Damn. I was crazy about this guy. Insanely crazy.

“Grr… I need…” He snarled this time; his eyes narrowing as he moved to put his hands on either side of my legs. I jumped back, not expecting him to lose it, not expecting…this. Jack had me trapped — trapped in a position that left me feeling helpless, but in the best possible way. He hovered over me, closer, straddling my lower half. I was still halfway upright on my elbows, but I wouldn’t last long in that position with his chest pressed so closely to mine.

Yet still, it wasn’t close enough.

My voice went deep…I didn’t recognize it as I spoke. “What do you need, Jack?” I licked my lips, preparing them for whatever he was about to bring.

“You know exactly what I need…” His predatory, glowing eyes lit up even more. His wolf was coming to the surface, overpowering his normally controlled side. I did an internal fist pump. I was officially swooning over a man…and his beast. And I loved every second of it.


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Zip File – PDF, epub, mobi, prc, and lit

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