Mau Loa

Destiny owns Mau Loa Inn, and is a matchmaker. Since a couple came out explaining they found each other because of Destiny everyone is seeking her help. Emails, letters, phone calls, etc. keep coming in. She has been on television, news, etc. about her services.

Destiny has always known who would make a good couple. Both parties get a two-week notice before they must arrive at Lover’s Inn. They will spend a week at the Inn.

Mau Loa Inn has ten rooms therefore they can have five couples at a time. The first night everyone eats together. Then one couple each night has a romantic dinner for two, at 7 P.M. Couples can also request a romantic dinner at a different time (not 7 P.M.) or they may eat with the other couples at 5pm. Kitchen closes at 8pm.

Mau Loa Inn sits three miles off the coast of the big island of Hawaii, on a Mau Loa Isle—private island. It’s a small resort. All the rooms are large with a king size bed, whirlpool tub for two, a large walk in glass shower, and a sitting area. There’s a large pool also a number of hot tubs at different locations on the grounds. A beautiful garden, there is a waterfall that empties into a private lake in the middle of the island.

Destiny, is always dressed nicely. Slacks, shirts, blouses, etc. She has long blonde curly hair. When she wears lipstick she prefers a deep shade of red, her nails are always done in a red or pink polish. The only jewelry she wears is a necklace. She’s friendly and always around when someone needs her.



  • Destiny—Mau Loa Inn Owner, and matchmaker—shall have a part within the story somewhere. It must be clear that Destiny brought them together.
  • Descriptions of the rooms and Mau Loa Inn must remain the same throughout the series.


Single Short Stories

Word Count: 5-30K *These stories will only be in ebook form, they might be added to print edition anthologies.

All submissions must have a happy every after, and is open to all heat rates (sweet to sensual).