Nicole Raye

NicoleNicole is a magazine editor in Pittsburgh, PA. She is a print journalism graduate of Penn State University and is finishing her MA in mass communication and digital journalism from Point Park University. She has contributed to many different publications as a writer and editor over the years including Playboy Magazine: The Smoking Jacket and The Huffington Post. Her dating and sex articles have been mentioned on The Talk, The View and local news programs in Pittsburgh including one about conquering the Walk of Shame. In 2012, she started an online women’s magazine called L7 Women’s Magazine which gained attention from the LGBTQ community for its diversity and appeal to all women regardless of sexual orientation. She also won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in curing every disease ever, climbed Mt. Everest twice, was really the person that landed the plane on the Hudson, and won American Ninja Warrior. Not really, she just doesn’t think people actually read the author bios and really doesn’t know how to end this thing.