Announcing: Raven’s Legacy by J.N Johnson

JN Johnson author has signed a three book contract for new paranormal series, Between Fire and Ice. The first book in the series is Raven’s Legacy and will be out later this year.

Welcome J.N, Could you tell us a little about Raven’s Legacy?

Raven’s Legacy, book one in the Between Fire and Ice Series is my first try at the paranormal world and can I just say that is a fun place to be. The rules are different than romance in that I had the chance to bring one of my favorite legends to life, the Phoenix. I love the freedom of creativity of being able to draw on my imagination to make Raven and Griffin come to life, there world is a twist fight between good and evil and they were blessed with the amazing ability to shift into these fantastical creatures with super powers that can only come alive in fiction. Of course there is the devastating battle against good and evil but the added twist of family versus family adds to the suspense. I hope readers enjoy Raven’s Legacy as much as I enjoyed writing it! I can’t wait to jump into book two in the Between Fire and Ice Series.

Unedited Blurb:

Raven Corvus has lived her life on the outside looking in, always feeling different because of her inability to shift. Her adoptive parents did everything they could to help her feel like part of the family but as preparation for the Moon Ceremony nears she can’t help but let the melancholy of her situation weigh her down. When a visit to her Aunt Helen brings more than she expects she finds herself face to face with her future and her past.

Griffin Snow has circled his life around being a protector for the Goddess in the fight against Dexius, the Dark God. When an enemy of old returns to threaten one of his charges he jumps into action to protect her only to find that Raven is not only a marked protector but his fated mate. With the danger creeping around every corner threatening Raven and her family, Griffin calls on the council for help while he and Raven retreat to the safe confines of his country cabin.

Raven feels dizzy from the changes taking over her life,  learning that the father she thought was dead wanted to spill her blood for the use of dark magic and that the beast she believed non-existent  had chosen a mate in a total stranger turned her world upside down. Will Raven be able to come to terms with her past and her new beginning before it’s taken away in the fight of her life?